Cardio Workouts At Home: How To Do Them With No Equipment


Close you eyes and think of cardio workouts at home. Now, I’m not a mind reader but I believe a lot of your thought of jogging on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike. Or maybe you thought of some other exercise machine designed for cardio workouts.

But the fact is, you don’t need any equipment at all to get a great workout at home. All you need is your own body, and the desire to get a great full body workout. Here’s how…

Use Bodyweight Calisthenics

Bodyweight calisthenics consist of both bodyweight strength exercises and fast paced calisthenics exercises that stress heart and lung endurance. And you don’t need any equipment at all to get a great workout.

Plus, by combining bodyweight exercises and calisthenics, you get a BETTER overall workout than if you just jogged on a treadmill of rode a bike. Just think about it. Bodyweight exercises can be used to improve strength and performance of all the muscles in the body. And calisthenics uses full body movements to increase heart and lung power.

Basically, this ends up be a better overall workout than most cardio workouts at home that use equipment.

Cardio Workouts At Home: Example

Let’s pick 3 common bodyweight exercises and 1 common calisthenics exercise. We’ll use push ups, squats, crunches and jumping jacks.

Here is how you do it:

Do 10 reps of each bodyweight exercise in a circuit without rest. Then immediately do 30 seconds of jumping jacks. Repeat for 10 minutes.

What you’ll find is this quick and simple workout provided a full body workout and a great cardio workout all in one. And frankly, this is a better workout than doing aerobic exercise on a machine for 20 minutes. And with literally hundreds of bodyweight calisthenics exercises to choose from… you’ll never be left wanting for a cardio workout at home.

If You Have Equipment… Use Bodyweight Interval Circuits

If you do have a treadmill or bike, you can still get in on the action. Let’s say you are going to ride the bike for 20 minutes. Every 5 minutes jump off the bike and perform a circuit of bodyweight calisthenics like described above. Your boring cardio workout just got a whole lot more interesting and more EFFECTIVE.

Don’t let not having any exercise equipment at home keep you from getting a great cardio workout. As a matter of fact, it might be a blessing in disguise. You’ll find that bodyweight calisthenics workouts are far more effective for improving fitness, burning fat and building an attractive, athletic body than using only aerobic workouts.

Try it out for yourself and see!

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