The South American Cultural Experience


Buenos Aires has often been compared as the Paris of Latin America, and if you are ever lucky enough to visit both places, you’ll realize it is a pretty good comparison. In some ways, Buenos Aires cannot compare to Paris because it has never had the same amount of wealth. This is evident throughout the city, from transportation to cleanliness. However, when it comes to a cultural metropolis, a giant city with a plethora of entertainment to offer, Buenos Aires can easily keep up to its European counterpart.

Ever since the crisis of 2001, tourism in Buenos Aires has skyrocketed. The original reason for this increase in tourism was because it had all of a sudden become a very cheap country to visit. People coming from North America and Europe could visit and live like kings. Word then started to spread about all the great things Argentina has to offer, and people started coming for other reasons. Things have changed here since 2001, especially in the prices. However, it is still the number one tourist attraction in South America, and is worth a visit for anyone who enjoys culture.

Buenos Aires is a true cultural hotspot. People at first thought link Buenos Aires to the sexy yet melancholic dance and music of tango, and tango is alive and well in the city. One can see a brilliant tango show in a number of beautiful theatres here, but it is also performed on the street in some certain neighborhoods. For people who want the real thing, there are dozens of milongas within the city, which is where the true tango dancers go to dance the night away.

Apart from tango, there are various other cultural options available. Independent Argentine cinema has become one of the best of South America, and Buenos Aires is full of theatres where these movies can be seen. There are multiple film festivals held throughout the year in the city, the biggest and most widely recognized being the Buenos Aires Festival International de Cine (BAFICI) which is held in March.

The city is also full of museums, ranging from historical artifacts to modern art. There are so many museums that one could visit a different museum every day, and still not see all of them in one month. Theatre goers will also be awed by the sheer number of shows available. There are theaters in all neighborhoods in the city, with the best shows performed in the large, historical theaters located on Corrientes street. Options available range from world class opera to international classics. The quality is excellent, and the prices are always a bargain.

Argentina is also home to some of the most famous Latin American musicians, and these musicians perform often in Buenos Aires. The music scene here is incredible, with great options for rock, reggae, ska, folk and independent artists. There are various music festivals held throughout the year, where top musicians throughout the world perform, and some of these festivals are free of charge.

As one can see, there is a vibrant cultural scene in this beautiful city. The only danger is coming and never wanting to leave, always hoping to see just one more show, one more event, one more dance. Buenos Aires is a world class city, and should be considered as a top spot on any trip to Latin America.

Diego Malingo is an expatriate living in Buenos Aires that has created an in-depth site about travel to Buenos Aires . You can learn all you need to know about Buenos Aires such as attractions, top restaurants, living costs, and Argentina culture.

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