Most Of The Diets That Cure Cancer Eliminate Red Meat


If you glance at the common nutritional diets for cancer patients, many of them eliminate red beef. Studies have shown that red beef can really set fire to the carcinogenic cells in the body and make them multiply. Realistically talking, the body isn’t made to process cooked beef extremely well in the slightest. The gut of carnivores is short and smooth.

Realistically speaking, the body isn’t made to process cooked beef very well in the slightest. The digestive system of carnivores is short and smooth. While the human colon is long, winding and full of pockets all thoughout.

We really should be herbivores and not carnivores. We are living in a society where everything has a cutoff point. Animals are being fed chemicals to grow bigger and quicker. We are all aware that meat producers have an interest in being efficient, in the way they cultivate their “product” for business benefit, but what we do not understand is that such meat products carry within them a fixed level of toxicity that, over time, can create scores of health issues along the line.

These are the result of the animals being prepared to both grow quickly and bigger. There’s a common myth that we should eat beef to get an adequate quantity of protein.

There is a common myth that we have to eat meat to get a sufficient amount of protein. But this is not true. People do not need to eat meat in order to get all of the healthy protein they need. Many vegetables contain more protein – per calorie – than meats. Some vegetables, for example broccoli and romaine lettuce, actually contain twice the amount of protein per calorie as most meats. So when you consume lots of vegetables you can get all of the protein needed by the body without the high number of calories that pack on unwanted pounds as one gets older. Better still, you are not getting the toxins into your body, which will eventually result in cancer.

Better still, you aren’t getting the poisons into your body, that may ultimately result in cancer. Protein is needed for many things, including building muscle and physical expansion. These animals clearly get more than satisfactory protein from the plants they consume to grow enormous and robust.

Thus it’s required to eliminate cooked meats from your diet if you’re fighting cancer. Plant diets are at the vanguard of most diets that are nutritional cures for cancer.

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