usic Studios in New York Thrusts the Careers of Budding Musicians


New York City is not only famous for being a leading commercial center; but is more famous as the epicenter of various forms of creative activity since a long time. As a matter of fact, it has been attractive numerous artists from all the walks; be actors, singers, dancers or musicians – It seems that everyone wants to come to the “Big Apple” as provides a huge platform.
Being a center of such creative arts, the city provides the budding singers and musicians with a variety of opportunities and also ajar a number of avenues for them to portray their unknown talents.

As being a center of Broadway and of other top-brass of music industry; your chances of meeting, networking and working with some of the luminaries increase many times and eventually gives you the dreamed “big break”. In addition to this, there are numerous Music studios in New York; these places play an extremely crucial role in giving a perfect shape to the raw and amateur talent; making them highly acclaimed artists.

A large number of these studios are generally well-equipped with all the sophisticated facilities and hi-tech musical equipments. And as it is said “calmness results into creativity”; you require to be extra careful when you are trying to find a recording studio. Check out for a studio which has high quality sound proof and acoustic equipments, hence there is total silence within.

The outside hustle-bustle of the city will not create a problem. The external noise will not become a disturbance, since you receive a clam environment within the recording studio itself.
Also just take a look that these studios are covered with superior quality material; so they become totally sound-proof. Since, New York is a home to various artists it definitely provides you with an array of opportunities to get some valuable tips and guidance from a highly acclaimed mentors.

Therefore, you get all the opportunities to get under the mentorship of a successful artist who can bring out the best of your talents.Additionally, as “music” today has evolved into an industry – the music lovers across the globe these days demand for something experimental. So, utilizing the conventional musical instrument is not adequate. You require a perfect equilibrium of the all classical instruments as well as the modern gadgets to make an exclusive and attractive piece of music.

Taking this into consideration, a large number of Music studios in New York have now modernized themselves. Majority of them provides all the vital facilities like amplifiers, equalizers and software which lend the “final and professional finishing” touch to the tunes.

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{pixabay|100|campaign}Ear Plugs Review | Which are the BEST for Musicians | Full Review

Check out my latest ear plug reviews-Dubs Acoustic Filters:

-Vic Firth Ear Plugs:

For some reason in this video I mistakenly interchange the word earbuds with earplugs. You guys are smarter than me and know I mean earplugs, right? Sorry about that.

All musicians must go through it at one time in their musical life or another. It’s the time when we realize, “hey I better protect the one thing that allows me to do music – my hearing.” We often take our hearing for granted. But once we realize we must protect our ears, then the fun really begins – which ear plugs are the best for you???

In this video, I review the pro’s and con’s of my 3 favorite ear plugs: Skull Screws, Vaters, and Etymotics. Each are distinctively different and I use these 3 all for different reasons. Depending on your unique circumstance, you may only need one of these. Watch the video and form your own opinions on them.

Skull Screws: Great for blocking out maximum amounts of sound. Not so great when you need to listen to rest of band for cues.

Well wonders never cease! I was able to find pairs without the case but for under $2.00 before S & P –

Vater’s – Great for drummers and bassists.

Etymotic: Great for singers!

I hope this helps. If you have any questions or suggestions of your own, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear them!

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