How to Make Money Online Part 5 – How to Create the Best Web Pages


Last time we looked at how critical keywords are to earn or make money online. Now that we have chosen a product to promote and have done the keyword research, now we need a website to direct people to.

Today we will look at the nuts and bolts of creating a web page and getting it online.

There are three main ways to achieve this :-

* Create your own web page with software, buy hosting and a domain name and fit it all together yourself.
* Find a website which lets you create WebPages for free, hosts your site for free, and buy your own domain name.
* Pay someone to design your site, Buy hosting and a domain name and have it uploaded for you.

Which one of these three options you choose will completely depend on whether you have web design skills, a professional web design program, or money to pay someone to build it for you.

If you already have web design skills, you probably already know how to buy hosting and link your domain names all together, but for you who don’t, I will briefly outline the process.

* Choose a web hosting company (There are lots of them out there) and buy a hosting package. Typically $ 5 to $ 10 a month will cover it.
* Buy a domain name which suits you. (Typically $ 8 to $ 12 a year, more if you use email addresses)
* Link your domain name with your hosing site, and upload your website.

How to link your domain name and hosting together is a bit difficult to describe here, but there are training courses which explain this in detail and have “how to” videos to make it easy. If you are just starting out, I would recommend buying access to a good quality online training course. A bit of training before you begin and a reference to come back to will make the whole process faster and less confusing, and may save you some money as well.

I have had a lot of success with my websites, using a site which allows me to create a complete website by dragging and dropping. It is free to use and provides hosting for free. The only concession I have to make is a small line of text on the bottom saying “Create a free website with websitename” I think this is definitely the way to go for those starting out.

I haven’t had to pay anyone for website design, but it is recommended by those who are successful as a way to leverage your time, and free you up to do other things. (Like take the kids to school). I personally enjoy the challenge of creating and designing web sites, but I completely understand that you may not, and just want it done quickly. Whichever way you choose to go will depend on your personal circumstances and skills.

Good luck with learning how to make money online. Next time we will look at exactly what do we put on our websites to make it a winner for us.

David Mee has learned by trial and error how to make money online and which training programs are the best value for money. David has reviewed two of the best training courses he has used, and has put together some useful information for those just starting out. Visit to see if any these training courses will help you.


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