Cures for Breast Cancer – New Light Treatment


Breast Cancer The Cure

Is there a cure for breast cancer? There is no real cure for breast cancer because the causes of this condition are not clearly known. It can affect any woman, no matter where and how she lives. Doctors are approaching the treatment by getting rid of the consequence, not the cause. The treatments are aggresive: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. That’s despite of the billions of dollars being spent on the research. However, these kinds of treatments can be very effective! Especially if used during the early stage (called Stage 1).

Light Breast Cancer Treatment Instead of Operation

This new technique to remove the cancer is the easiest for the body to take. It allows detection, targeting and killing the breast cancer cells – all just by using light. The name of the pioneer cancer surgeon who developed this treatment is Mo Keshtgar.

His treatment is known as Photodynamic Therapy PDT. It includes injecting the medicine into the body, around the tumour tissue. These chemicals make the lymph tumour tissue light sensitive. When the red laser light lights the area, only the tumour cells reproduce the light and this makes it a precise way to detect the breast cancer cells. This process also cuts the malign cell oxygen supply, killing them efficiently. This kind of targeting means the smaller part of the tissue is going to get removed, compared to breast cancer operations.

This method is a big step forward in curing the breast cancer. This kind of targeting the malign cells was unimaginable before. Experts hope to apply this method to other cancer conditions as well. This therapy is available since June 2009 in Royal Free Hospital in London.

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