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Following on from my previous article ‘How To Make Money Online – Blogging – Choosing Your Site Name’ the next step is adding relevant content to your blog which attracts customers organically. As you have chosen to use either WordPress or Blogger in hosting your blog then either of them is very search engine friendly. Therefore all you now need to do is write articles and comments focused on your keywords.

In the last article I chose the domain name ‘West Ham Fans’ instead of ‘West Ham Supporter’ because of how many people were searching for the term (it was nearly 14 times greater). If we were to write an article about the subject of ‘West Ham Fans’ then as long as we don’t over use the ‘keyword’ we should see the site and more importantly the pages rise quickly in the search engines.

An easy way to keep track of your site is to download Market Samurai which has a free trial. Then you can use their ‘Rank Tracker’ section which will keep you fully up-to-date on precisely where your site is ranked for your chosen keyword. You can of course do this manually by going through the search results if time is not an issue.

If your blog is not quickly indexed then you might choose to use Social sites, such as and as these will quickly help push your site up the engines. All you will have to do is create a Digg and Mixx page for yourself; then you go and comment on your page. This provides you with two backlinks from good, ‘highly ranked’ websites. This in search engine terms raises your blogs credibility fast. Also you go to, and you ‘ping’ your blog post, your Mixx post, and your Digg post.

Once you have posted these comments on the social sites you go back and add more posts to your blog focusing on your keyword. Again for more ideas on exactly what other similar terms to use then go back again to Google’s Keyword tool where you will see what other key terms your traffic is searching for. Then you simply write articles about those keyword phrases as well. At the end of each article you need to go and Mixx, and Digg your post as well as ‘Ping’ them. It should not take long for your site to show up.

But, you may find that your site does still not appear in one or more of the main search engines straight away. If this is the case then either wait for it to show up or go and submit your site directly to the search engines. The main three engines are Google (roughly 71% of all searches online), Yahoo (roughly 15%), and Bing (roughly 6%). The remaining searches are done over all of the other search engines, so by just focusing on these three then it is the key to make money online from your blog.

You want to have at least five posts done all around your main keyword phrase before you bother looking at monetising your site. Firstly you can add Google Adsense really easily and this can be done using the dashboard on WordPress. In order to make money though you will need to sign up for an Adsense account.

Some other very good content to add to your blog is videos which you can just take straight from YouTube and just post on your site. If you just go into YouTube and search under your keyword then you can set up the occasional link to a good video based around your keyword. One step further than this is to set up a YouTube account for your Domain name. You can then add your own videos and specially chosen keywords to them so that when others search on YouTube they might find your site in this way. YouTube is actually the second largest site where people use to find information etc. Virtually any technique or detail which is not covered in these articles can be found using a YouTube search. So if a technical bit stops you, then a ‘how to do it video’ is available on YouTube. Don’t forget to also Digg, and Mixx your video!

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