Top 5 London Hotels For Celebrities


Hollywood A-listers, rock stars, literary greats… London hotels have had their fair share of celebrity guests. If you want to spot David Beckham over breakfast or share a lift with Lily Allen, check out our pick of the top 5 London celebrity hotels. Who knows who you’ll bump into!

The May Fair

Where better to spot A-list fashionistas than at the official hotel of London Fashion Week, The May Fair. This 5-star London hotel was first opened by King George V in 1927. Today it is the latest word in glamour, where Fendi sofas sit under the bright lights of Baccarat chandeliers. Stylish guests have included Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole and Whitney Houston each no doubt attracted by the in-room spa treatments on offer, Amba Bar & Grill gourmet restaurant and award-winning May Fair Bar perfect for those A-list parties. Located in the heart of exclusive Mayfair, this is decadence at its most chic.

K West Hotel & Spa

Cool and chic, K West Hotel & Spa is the London hotel of choice for those in the music biz from Franz Ferdinand and Moby to Kelly Osbourne and Pete Doherty. The Shepherd’s Bush hotel is less than five minutes away from the designer heaven that is Westfield London. Inside, the treats continue with DJs playing the K Lounge on Friday and Saturday nights, the K Spa, and contemporary cuisine in the Kanteen restaurant. Eco-friendly features also make it one of London’s top green hotels, as well as one of its top celebrity hotels.

Blakes Hotel

Blakes Hotel describes itself as “the London base for film stars, musicians and all the top designers” and promises to respect the privacy of guests from the paparazzi. But a little public star-spotting is surely allowed! Small but perfectly formed, this London boutique hotel has welcomed everyone from David and Victoria Beckham to Lindsey Lohan and Quentin Tarantino. Created by acclaimed designer Anoushka Hempel, Blakes Hotel has become known as London’s ‘Couture’ hotel, a name well served by its popular, decorative Chinese Room.


The Dorchester has long been known as one of the top London celebrity hotels. For 75 years it has attracted an elite A-list of celebrities and world leaders, including Nelson Mandela, Woody Allen, Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross. Located on Park Lane in Mayfair, it’s a short walk (or chauffeur-driven drive) from exclusive London shopping spots such as New Bond Street, Old Bond Street and Knightsbridge. Out of your budget? Instead of booking a room, why not enjoy one of The Dorchester’s other famous attractions Afternoon Tea!

The Athenaeum

Dating back to the 19th century, the building that houses The Athenaeum has a rich history. Originally an entertainment spot for MPs and Lords, it went on to become a popular hotel with 70s screen stars filming at London’s famous Pinewood and Ealing Studios. In more recent times, the family-run London hotel has hosted Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford and Sandra Bullock. As one of the top London celebrity hotels, The Athenaeum has all the facilities expected by your average A-lister spa, award-winning restaurant, 5-star rooms but delivers them with a warm, down-to-earth manner.

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{pixabay|100|campaign}Elizabeth May: Top Musicians, Water Advocates, MPs Oppose Elimination of NWPA (Q & A)

Singer-songwriters Sarah Harmer and Leslie Feist joined Gord Downie, lead singer of the Tragically Hip, today to speak out against the Harper Conservatives’ elimination of the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA).

Their voices were joined with water activists and MPs at a press conference held just before the second, 400-plus-page, omnibus budget-implementation bill, C-45, returns to the House of Commons. Buried deep in that bill is the replacement of the 130-year-old NWPA with the Navigation Protection Act.

“This is an assault on our history, our safety, and our basic right to be informed,” stated singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer. “Canadians’ waterways need protection, and the changes to the Navigable Waters Act remove that protection on the majority of our river and lake systems. This puts them and us at grave risk.”

“Our Federal Government is relieving itself of its duty to protect the rights of all Canadians to navigate every lake and river in Canada,” said Meredith Brown, Riverkeeper and Executive Director. “Eliminating public consultation and parliamentary review for something as important and Canadian as our public right to access water is a huge mistake.”

“Canadians expect our government to protect nature,” added John Bennett, Executive-Director, Sierra Club Canada. “This government has no mandate to sell out the future for a few dollars today.”

“Killing the NWPA is nothing less than an assault on Canada’s natural heritage,” said Independent MP Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay-Superior North), an avid paddler and fisherman. “It will mean millions of streams, lakes, rivers, and other waterways will lose their protection under the law and can be dammed or in-filled without environmental oversight. It is now open season on spawning grounds, natural aquatic nurseries, as well as creeks and streams teeming with fish and other aquatic life.”

“Just as they did with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the Fisheries Act, the Harper Conservatives are removing another legal barrier to their development-at-all-costs agenda,” stated Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf Islands. “They are counting on Canadians being overwhelmed by the enormous Bill C-45 and not noticing the elimination of the NWPA, but I’m sure cottagers, municipalities, the tourism industry, and others will soon be making their opposition to the Navigation Protection Act known.”

In statements read out at the press conference, Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip noted: “… Our claim to Canada’s rivers is older than the country itself. For the last four years, the government has been trying to find a way to pry that claim from the hands of all citizens and reserve it for a select few. If this new law passes, they finally get their wish …”

Leslie Feist, singer-songwriter warned: ” … If we lose the protection of the NWPA, we lose our opportunity to study ungoverned and unaccountable development’s possible impacts to fish, wildlife, communities, and lives. It leaves our waters open to exploitation by the first person to get there with a backhoe.”

Mark Mattson, President & Lake Ontario Waterkeeper: “… By removing “water” from the “Navigable Waters Protection Act”, the government is removing all meaning from one of our oldest laws. I don’t think they truly understand the repercussions their actions will have. People will be hurt out there.”


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