Songwriters Secrets – Rule #1


For many years I have questioned rules and standards for musical creations. And as a creative songwriter, many questions arise when it comes to going by the books. However, the following rule is one that I have found to be very useful.

A Creative Songwriter’s Number 1 Rule: The Latest Song is Just a Rough Draft.

I have had so many students, and seen so many songwriters spend a couple hours writing a song, start performing it with their band, and never change a word or note.

There are two problems with this. One, if you ever get into the recording studio with a professional producer, it could cost you a fortune in the amount of time he will want to spend editing your song before it will be ready to commit to disk. And Two, you will probably never make it to a professional producer or publisher, due to the fact that your songs will retain an amateur quality to them.

Occasionally you will get lucky and write a great song the first time, if you do a lot of writing, but occasionally people who but lottery tickets on a regular basis will win some money also.

Before setting the final notes of a masterpiece, you will probably need to make many changes and adjustments. Good editing is essential for improving the words and notes of the song. All the songs that have topped the charts started as ROUGH DRAFTS. Editing songs is not only worth the time and effort, it is a requirement. It is the best thing one can do to ensure that his or her song will captivate the hearts and minds of listeners.

Those who write songs professionally know that a newly finished song is really just a Rough Draft. Before a song hits the record charts, it has often been edited many times by the writers, and often the producers. It is important to make use of TECHNIQUES AND TIPS that the music industry leaders have taken advantage of since the business started amassing such big fortunes. There are CRAFTING SECRETS that one must utilize in order to develop a great song. All of the songs that have made history have undergone many revisions that most fans never even hear about.

Many beginning and average songwriters out there know very little when it comes to actual techniques they could use to write and edit their songs more effectively. But all the top songwriters know that crafting their songs, sometimes for months before playing them for fans or recording them, is the key to great writing. These days because the music industry has turned into such a money machine, the secrets of editing and crafting songs into hits have become SECRETS OF THE TRADE.

To help songwriters like you, I have developed my online courses at Songwriting Planet. It is to ensure that everyone would get to use the tips and tricks that, until now, have only been available to insiders in the music industry.

Editing a song should be given the importance of a make it or break it scenario. And one thing that I was not aware of for my first few years as a writer is that songwriters can actually learn these techniques to help them consistently craft songs that will top the charts.

Article Writer: Kevin Thomas. Click on over to Songwriting Planet for lots of great data about Songwriting. Discover fabulous new songwriting techniques to take your craft to the next level..

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